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Supporting Survivors at the Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare


Katia Amaya Salinas
Violence Intervention Program
Rosie Hidalgo
Casa de Esperanza's National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families
Rebecca Rodriguez
Latinos United for Peace and Equity of Caminar Latino
External Resource


December 16, 2020


Pathways to Healing and Protective Factors
Practice Guidance
Racial and Gender Equity

Over 18 million children in the US have at least one parent who is an immigrant. About 5.5 million children (including 4.5 million children who are U.S.-born citizens) live in mixed-legal status families with at least one parent who is an unauthorized immigrant. Immigrant survivors of domestic violence and their children often face additional barriers to safety and wellbeing. Abusers can use the threat of detention, deportation or being separated from children to maintain power and control. Systems can fail to support immigrant survivors.

This webinar will provide information and resources for advocates and child welfare workers. Presenters will share the current research about detention and the importance of trauma-informed approaches for survivors and their children. They will talk about special immigration remedies for survivors under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Trafficking Victims Protection Act. They will discuss guidelines for child welfare to support family reunification when a parent is in detention and share how COVID-19 has affected immigrant families who are involved with child welfare. Finally, presenters will highlight the importance of enhanced safety planning to make sure immigrant survivors know their rights and can access help.