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Building Bridges: Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Specialists Making a Difference in Child Welfare


Wendy Mota
Futures Without Violence
Marcela Cobian
A Safe Place
Michiko Kita
Massachusetts Department of Children and Families
Yokaty Salazar-Reyes
Massachusetts Department of Children and Families
Tre’ Skelton
Women’s Center and Shelter, Greater Pittsburgh
Shvonne Walker
Women’s Center and Shelter, Greater Pittsburgh
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October 12, 2022


Practice Guidance
Systems Change

In this 90-minute webinar, DV/IPV Specialists in Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania share their experiences and actionable insights from working at the intersection of domestic violence and child welfare.

Child welfare professionals in many states benefit from having regular access to expert consultation from domestic violence specialists who can help them assess a situation, create a family plan, facilitate access to services and resources, conduct safety planning and/or transfer learning through training and coaching. The partnership works best when child welfare and DV professionals invest in developing relationships in which different perspectives can be discussed and debated openly, and where decisions are informed by the lived experience and wisdom of survivors themselves.