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The Accountability Dialogues: Recommendations and Policy Solutions to Help Families Thrive


Futures Without Violence

Latinos Unites for Peace and Equity
Women Transforming Families
The National Center on Violence Against Black Women (Ujima, Inc)


May 1, 2023


Overlap of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
Policy Guidance
Systems Change

The Accountability Dialogues modeled a process for the co-design of policies to improve the lives of adult and child survivors of domestic violence who are involved with the child welfare system. In this three-part series, policymakers had the opportunity to hear directly from DV survivors about their experiences with the child welfare system and to learn from them about specific touchpoints that require new ways of seeing and working. Read the policy recommendations that emerged from the Accountability Dialogues – for the Children’s Bureau, the White House Gender Policy Council, Congress, the Judiciary and Family Courts, and States, Tribes, Territories, and Child Welfare Agencies. A summary of these recommendations is available here.